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Vision Exams in Orlando

Annual eye exams are the only way to detect and treat a variety of eye diseases and disorders that do not present symptoms patients can see or feel. Dr. James Poloncak, our optometrist in Orlando, provides patients of all ages with thorough eye exams utilizing the latest technology to safeguard their eye health and vision.

A comprehensive eye exam includes wet and dry macular degeneration detection via a visual acuity test as well as the use of an Amsler grid, and measuring the amount of pressure in each eye. Other aspects of an eye exam include Glaucoma testing, determining if any astigmatism or changes in the eye exist, and a slit lamp examination for keratoconus or differences in the curvature of the cornea. Our optometrist in Orlando will take the time to explain and educate you regarding any diagnosis and treatment options required.

Optometrist in Orlando

Patients of Optical Images should mention any changes in their vision, headaches, decrease in night vision, or feelings of eye irritation as they may be symptoms of a serious condition or one that may be easily corrected with early intervention.

Take the first step toward ensuring the health of your own eyes as well as that of your family by scheduling annual exams with our optometrist in Orlando. Our staff of dedicated professionals is available for seven days a week for your convenience. We also offer an in-house lab to reduce wait time for prescription lenses with many filled within 1 hour. Make comments with any questions and to schedule an appointment.

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